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Swing into a week of self-discovery and learn HOW to use your full potential and manifest your dreams THIS year.

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Our second ever online festival is here again. This time, we're going even bigger

Relationship & Sexuality

Business & Finance

Creativity & Self-expression

It may not be easy to make a change in your life, especially when you are NOT surrounded by people who believe in you and see your potential.

We’re about to break down 3 of the most important pillars of life and teach you how to live your life to the fullest. 

The primary reason WHY we have decided to do it together is because there IS power in community.

Our purpose is to unite all the people together.

It is to grow together, have fun together, and create meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

We know how hard it can be to stick to your promises and keep yourself accountable when you feel stuck or not comfortable enough. That’s why synthesizing and integrating plays a BIG role here.

If 2021 treated you well so far, great! We love hearing that. 

But if 2021 wasn’t so good… and you feel like you can do better, or you can feel better – We understand you. 

And we are waiting for you to join us on this extremely incredible journey of discovering the art of YOUR-TRUE-SELF and revealing your potential. 

Are you ready to regain your strength and crush your goals by the end of 2021? 

 Are you ready to unlock your potential and start living your life to the fullest?

Are you ready to play, create, express & ignite? 

This 3 day online festival

is designed to AWAKEN your senses...

Take your life to the next level and embody your vision during this 3-day online festival.

1 full days
of brilliant experiences
1 + hours
of world class facilitation, Entertainment, Art & Expression.
1 facilitators

bonus Pre-party week
June 21-24 where we will be warming up with epic experiences, classes, and community events

This is for you if:

You want to get out of your comfort zone to create something unique and connect with your artistic soul.

You want to discover your true self and boost the standards of your life.

You want to feel loved, heard, understood, and supported by like-minded and positive individuals like yourself.

You want to play FULL OUT and dive deeper into your personal and business life.

You are ready for your senses to be raptured by Visionary Art, Galactic Music, Ecstatic Dance, Captivating conversations & MORE.

You want the proven methods that helped thousands of people overcome their challenges.

You are ready to launch into this summer LIT UP, Inspired AF with crystal clarity on your vision

You are fully open to receive everything that those 3 days are about to bring into your life.

What you will receive

We are all about the results. 

And we want you to get clear on your destination. We are here to help you establish your vision and create a life that will serve you. These are not just some empty promises. 

We brought 25 facilitators from all around the world to support you during 3 full days + preparty week.

You will get:

A juiced up fully ignited heart, soul, mind and body ready to amp up the good sh*t this summer.

A profound clarity on your artistic vision for 2021

Epic Q&A with the facilitators

An upgrade belief system & stellar relationship with manifestation

A HUGE expansion of your dynamic creative expression.

Community events such as an open mic night, house party and more

A PARTAYYY every damn day.

meet Your facilitators

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Adam Roa

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Gerard Adams

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oren harris

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Nicole Gibson

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Laura Dawn

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Ronja Sebastian

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Ryan Fontana

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Hart Sawyer

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JAred grantham

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Virginia Salas Kastilio

about >

Chelsey Jo

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Allie McFee

about >

Amber Valdez

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Abergale Bremner

about >

Bibi Brzozka

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dr. cat meyer

about >

Damiana Loves

about >

Aubert Bastiat (Sacred Sons)

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Leo Armaad

about >

Zahara Zimring

about >

Regan Hillyer

about >

Stacy Irie Soul (Tmrw.tdy)

about >

alan wein (modernnom)

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open mic

share your expression & be inspired
with your guides

Angus Wilson

+ Special Guest

house party

an interactive community experience


Get immediate access to our community group where we will be hosting all of our experiences. The group will be open on June 21st to kick off preparty week


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*this is an online event
replays are available

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